32 Marketing Hacks Guaranteed To Grow Your Traffic

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Top Marketing Hacks Guaranteed To Grow Your Traffic – Do you want to learn how to increase the number of visitors traffic to your website? Are you having trouble attracting more visitors to your website? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic marketing tricks to help you boost your website traffic in no time.

You can increase user engagement, turn visitors into leads, establish your brand, increase email subscribers, and more with these marketing hacks.

We’ve divided the suggestions into sections for you because this is a large article with a lot of useful information. You may jump forward to the section you’re interested in by clicking the category:

  • Identifying High-Traffic Topics: Blog Post Idea Hacks
  • Get More Traffic From Existing Content Using Optimization Techniques
  • Encourage Social Sharing with Viral Traffic Hacks
  • Promote Your Content Across the Web Using Promotional Hacks

Ready? Let’s get started expanding your traffic right away…

Blog Post Idea Hacks: Identify High-Traffic Topics

Your content strategy must be targeted to your audience in order to generate big website traffic. You’ll attract more and more visitors to your website if you produce exactly the information they’re looking for.

But how can you know what kind of material your target audience is looking for?

To get you started, here are a few smart marketing techniques.

1. Target The Interests Of Your Visitors

Identifying your visitors’ interests and adapting your content to their interests is a smart method to enhance your website traffic.

How can you figure out what your readers are interested in? The most straightforward method is to use Demographics and Interests reports. On your WordPress site, here’s how to collect visitor demographics.

If you’re using MonsterInsights, you can quickly get the report by navigating to Insights and then Reports from your WordPress dashboard. Click Publishers from the top menu and scroll down to see your audience’s interests.

You may get an idea of what people are interested in your website by looking at the report. You may then generate and advertise content that is tailored to your visitors’ preferences.

For example, you can see that site visitors are interested in video content in the snapshot above. Adding video content to your website is a sensible marketing strategy. To get you started, here are some video marketing pointers.

You may also check into the most popular categories and tags on your site to learn more about what your visitors are interested in. This can be difficult to set up manually (you’ll need to use code), but MonsterInsights makes it easy to track WordPress categories and tags in just a few clicks.

You can focus on developing content that works after you know which categories and tags are the most popular.

2. To Create Similar Content, Look For Top Landing Pages And Popular Post Types.

Another simple method for increasing website traffic is to create material that is comparable to what is currently popular. And looking at your top landing pages and popular post kinds is the greatest method to figure out which form of content generates the most traffic.

Go to the Publishers report in MonsterInsights to locate the best-performing landing pages on your website.

By heading to Insights and then clicking on Reports, you can obtain the report. Select Publishers from the top menu, and the first report will be of top landing pages.

You may use the report to determine which content types receive the most traffic.

Assume you own a tech website where you post a variety of content, such as product evaluations of the latest smartphones, bug-fixing guides, and the latest tech news.

However, according to the top landing sites statistics, product reviews receive more traffic than tutorials or news. As a result, you may develop comparable content to attract users and boost traffic to your website.

Go to the Dimensions report in MonsterInsights if you want to know which form of material works best.

One of the post types is recipes, as you can see. So, if you run a food blog, you already know what kind of material your readers like and can develop comparable stuff.

3. Your Content’s Leaks Must Be Plugged

Are you aware of the reasons why users abandon your website?

Sure, some people use the back button. Many more, on the other hand, are visiting other websites via external connections.

Do you know which of your website’s external links get the most clicks?

There’s no way to tell if you’re using Google Analytics’ default tracking code. However, MonsterInsights will track your outgoing connections for you — no code is required.

This is really important information. You may quickly block the leaks once you know where your users are leaving your site.

In the snapshot above, for example, a large number of individuals are leaving the site to view a movie. What if you just put the video right on the page?

Sure, this is a fantastic advice, but how does it help me get more traffic to my website?

This is a fantastic technique to generate new article ideas. You may construct a better version on your own site after you know what material people are seeking for outside your site.

That fresh material will not only fix your leaky links and maintain existing users on your site, but it will also attract new people who are comparable to your current audience.

4. Recognize Existing Content That Can Be Repurposed

Do you have any downloads available on your website?

Perhaps a white paper, a PowerPoint presentation, or a spreadsheet will suffice.

If that’s the case, you’re missing out on a huge chance to boost your website’s traffic.

Default Although Google Analytics does not, MonsterInsights can simply track any form of file download.

You may recycle the same material as a new blog post after you know your most popular downloads. Google is unlikely to give your PowerPoint a high ranking in search results, but if you put all of that material in a blog post, you can start gaining visitors from search engines.

5. To Find High-Traffic Blog Posts, Use Google Suggest

Are you looking for additional blog post ideas that can generate a lot of traffic?

Looking at Google’s suggestions is a quick and easy way to locate keywords and identify high-traffic subjects.

The recommendations that display as a drop-down when you put in a term before clicking enter are known as Google suggest. These are keywords that you might include in your article to improve your rankings.

For example, if you put keyword tool into Google, it will recommend subjects such as keyword tool chrome extension. This may be a topic you’d like to address in your blog post on keyword tools.

6. More Ideas Can Be Found By Looking At Related Searches

In addition to Google’s suggestions, you can check out the search engine’s related searches. Scroll to the bottom of the page after typing in a search term and pressing enter. Google will show you more similar searches.

These also give good keyword suggestions for your content, as these are themes that people are looking for. They will help you rank higher on Google and bring in more consistent traffic to your site.

7. Take Advantage Of Your Competitors’ Ideas

Do you want to be one step ahead of the competition? Why not keep an eye on what your competitors are up to and steal some ideas?

You may fine-tune your SEO techniques, identify the proper keywords, and discover backlink chances by looking into what others in the field are doing.

We recommend investing in premium SEO tools and plugins to steal your competitors’ strategies. There are other solutions available, but SEMrush and Ahref are our top two suggestions.

Both are effective strategies for learning more about your competition.

You may input a URL into SEMrush’s Domain Overview function and then click Search.

After that, the tool will provide you with real-time data on organic keywords, traffic, top-performing content, backlinks, and much more.

Then you can check what themes your rivals are blogging about and how much traffic they are getting. You may publish an article on your website using these themes and steal their traffic.

You may also look at your competitor’s top organic keyword reports. You may improve search engine traffic to your website by employing these keywords. Simply insert them into current pages or write new ones based on the keywords.

SEMrush also offers you useful information about your competitors’ ads if you’re running paid adverts (PPC). You may glance at the live display of their adverts and choose their top paid keywords.

You may use the information to build better advertising that will generate more people to your website.

8. Create Content That Is Geo-Targeted

To improve traffic, start by looking at the nations from which the majority of your visitors come. You may generate content and products to attract more users to your website by identifying these locations.

In your MonsterInsights reports, you can see where your website visitors are from. Navigate to Insights, then Reports. Scroll down in the Overview report to find the top 10 nations that bring in the most traffic.

You may produce content that appeals to visitors from your top areas using data from MonsterInsights reports.

If you run a food blog, for example, you may generate material for people in the United States, such as 15 restaurants to visit in New York. You may also write about the finest Indian web hosting firms if you blog about web hosting and receive a lot of traffic from India.

You have a higher chance of attracting visitors and boosting your website traffic if you write pieces for your unique target.

Optimization Hacks: Get More Traffic From Your Existing Content

Do you have a lot of amazing material on your blog but are having trouble getting people to read it?

Without having to develop completely new material, optimizing current content to rank high in search engines is a smart method to bring more visitors to your website. Unlike paid advertisements, search engine traffic continues to rise over time. It’s also free, except from the time you put into your material.

Let’s take a look at some clever marketing strategies for increasing Google traffic.

9. Optimize Your Website For Search Engines Using All in One SEO

Following the discovery of fresh subject ideas and the identification of top keywords, you should optimize your current pages to improve their search engine rankings.

Using the WordPress plugin All in One SEO is also an easy trick. It’s an advanced plugin that allows you to optimize your sites in real time.

The Publishers and Custom Dimensions Report from MonsterInsights will help you figure out which pages to improve.

You may discover out which content pages have the best average length, visitors, and bounce rate in the Publishers report. Now scroll down the report to observe which content items aren’t doing as well as they should. Choose these pages for SEO purposes.

The Custom Dimensions report in MonsterInsights is another tool for locating pages for improvement. Examine your website’s most popular categories. It will help you decide which content categories to focus on for optimization.

Install and activate the All in One SEO plugin to optimize your webpages. Then you may make changes to any existing post or page. The AIOSEO Settings widget may be found at the bottom of the page.

After that, choose Focus Key and type in your keyword. If you like, you may also add more keywords in the section below.

The plugin will then examine your content and determine whether the focus key is absent. It will then make recommendations for improving your page’s SEO optimization.

It may, for example, recommend improving keyword density, outbound links, internal links, adding keywords to your meta title and description, SEO title width, and other factors.

You may increase the search engine rankings and traffic to your website by evaluating high-value pages on your website.

10. Concentrate Your Search Engine Optimization On The Correct Content

Did you know that 92% of all searches only look at the first page of results?

If you want to increase the number of visitors to your website, you should realize that shifting from the second to the first page for your target keywords will make a significant impact.

How do you figure out which page your content ranks on? Google Search Console reports may show you the keywords your users use to locate your website and where you rank for those keywords.

From there, you’ll be able to determine which pages on your website should be optimized in order to increase traffic.

You may utilize the MonsterInsights Search Console report to find the most popular terms. Go to Insights » Reports in your WordPress dashboard, then select Search Console at the top.

You may check the number of clicks, impressions, CTR (click-through-rate), and average position for each term.

You can examine where each term ranks on Google by looking at the average position for each keyword. The lower-ranking keywords may then be optimized to enhance your ranks and increase traffic to your site. It normally doesn’t take much effort to move content from the second to the first page of search results – and it will get a LOT more hits there.

If you want to learn how to set up your WordPress website with Google search console, check out our tutorial.

11. Use Power Words In Your Headlines To Increase CTR

Did you know that using 6–8 words in your headline may raise your click-through-rate (CTR) by 21%? Isn’t it incredible?

In MonsterInsights, you may look at the CTR of your website pages in the search console reports. Then look at which posts are doing the best and which need to be improved.

Then you may use power words in your headlines to increase CTR. These are the words that elicit an emotional response from your audience and convince them to click on your link.

Power words like ludicrous, simple, and less than, for example, make the headline appealing and entice people to click on the URL in the image below.

To raise your website’s CTR and traffic, look through these 700+ strong phrases.

You may also use the MonsterInsights headline analyzer tool to ensure that your headlines include powerful terms. Simply subscribe to the MonsterInsights Plus or higher plan to receive real-time feedback in your WordPress editor. Check the character count and look for terms to make your text more appealing.

12. Add FAQs To Answer Frequently Asked Questions

People also ask questions about your material, which is another marketing tip for increasing organic website traffic.

When you type a topic into Google, you’ll see a list of queries (typically four at a time) appear. As you click on any of the questions, the number of questions rises.

Using these questions to drive visitors to your website is a smart approach to do so. If you’re writing a new article, you may use them as subheadings. However, the simplest method to include these into your existing material is to include a section at the conclusion called “Frequently Asked Questions.”

Make sure you phrase the question precisely as it appears in the search results, and then respond to it in a basic and concise manner.

You will experience an instant spike in traffic if your material shows as solutions to these inquiries.

13. Incorporate LSI Keywords Into Your Writing

Use LSI keywords in your content as another marketing hack to improve your search engine ranks and visitors.

LSI keywords, also known as latent semantic indexing keywords, are words or phrases that Google’s algorithm uses to assess the quality and relevancy of a user’s search terms.

If you search for the best burgers, for example, Google will look for terms like beef patty, crispy chicken, jalapeño, tomatoes, cheese, fries, and lettuce. These are the terms that appear in the top search results and aid the search engine in matching what visitors are looking for.

Free online tools like Answer the Public and LSI Graph can help you uncover LSI keywords for your blogs. A paid tool, such as SEMrush, will provide you with more targeted recommendations based on what is currently ranking in Google.

Simply type in your search word, and these tools will return a slew of results. Then employ these terms and phrases throughout your content to help your site rank higher and attract more visitors.

14. Optimize Your Content For Snippets In Google Search

Optimizing your content for Google search snippets is another amazing SEO marketing tip we offer for you.

A featured snippet is a search response that appears at the top of a search engine results page and offers a summary of the page’s answer.

Featured snippets produce different outcomes based on the sector and query, although some studies suggest a 10% boost in traffic (from 20% to 30%) and a 6% rise in click-through rates (from 2 percent to 8 percent ). That’s very incredible!

Using keyword research, SEO, formatting, and tracking the outcomes over time, you may optimize for highlighted snippets. More information on how to optimize for highlighted snippets may be found here.

15. CDNs Can Help Your Website Load Faster

Nothing is more aggravating than a website that takes a long time to load. It’s a significant turnoff for your users if your website doesn’t load in a timely manner. They’re much more likely to leave and not promote your website to others.

As a result, you should employ a CDN (content delivery network) to speed up the loading time of your website. A CDN is a server network that reduces the distance between your user and your website’s server.

It instantly distributes your website’s content to anybody who attempts to view it. CDNs not only improve the user experience, but they also send positive signals to search engines, resulting in higher ranks and traffic.

This guide will show you how to setup and configure a CDN on your WordPress site.

16. Consider including AMP Compatibility In Your Code

Is your site mobile-friendly? No? If that’s the case, you’re missing out on a significant amount of traffic.

In today’s digital marketing approach, mobile is critical. Even Google’s ranking system is becoming mobile-first.

With the rise in mobile usage and individuals consuming more material on their smartphones, your website should offer an excellent mobile user experience.

Implementing AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, on your site is a great way to ensure you don’t lose any mobile visitors.

Although it isn’t the ideal solution for everyone because it disables certain of your website’s capabilities to reduce the time it takes for your mobile pages to load.

However, it does give users a better mobile experience. You may improve your mobile website experience by using an AMP WordPress plugin. This improves your search engine ranking and attracts more visitors.

To add Google AMP to your WordPress website, follow our step-by-step instructions.

Viral Traffic Hacks: Encourage Social Sharing

Apart from search engines, social sharing is another wonderful source of traffic: persuading your visitors to share your content with their friends, family, and followers.

You may become viral if you can persuade enough people to share your content.

Here’s how to do it:

17. To Entice Visitors, Create A Viral Giveaway

Giveaways are an excellent method to boost traffic to your website. You may hold contests and reward visitors who participate with prizes.

Giveaways not only help you increase your email subscribers and advertise your company, but they also assist you boost user interaction.

There are several giveaway tools you may use to create a campaign, but RafflePress is the most user-friendly and lightweight plugin.

Thanks to its drag-and-drop builder, it’s the greatest WordPress giveaway plugin for creating gorgeous giveaways.

You might urge your visitors to… to encourage them to spread the giveaway.

  • You have followers on Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Send a special link to a friend.
  • Send a customized message using Twitter.
  • Please pay you a visit on Facebook or Instagram.
  • …and much more

They’ll earn more entries into your giveaway for each action they do. You may also enable daily entries to boost viral traffic even more!

You may learn how to make a RafflePress giveaway by following our step-by-step tutorial.

18. To Increase Traffic, Create Polls And Send Out A Press Release

You may enhance user engagement by establishing polls. People enjoy connecting with companies, so keeping consumers interested is critical for bringing in consistent traffic to your site.

What kind of polls should you make, though? What’s more, how are you going to get traffic from them?

One organization discovered that using Twitter polls boosted their engagement and drove more visitors to their website. They started by choosing a topic that was relevant to their industry.

However, in order to appeal to a wider audience, they searched up hot hashtags and included them in the tweets to broaden their appeal.

They generated a piece of material based on the poll results. They then issued a press release to promote it. As a consequence, Google News and other high-traffic websites took up their piece of material.

You might do the same to increase the number of visitors to your website. Create a poll on your website or on a social networking platform using a WordPress plugin like WPForms.

Then, utilizing the Twitter poll, generate material and market it using free press release services like PR.com.

19. Quizzes May Be Added To Your Website

Adding games to your website is one technique to gain an immediate bump in visitors. But, in order to increase the number of visitors to your website, what kind of games should you include?

Quizzes are one of the most popular types of games that you may use on your website. They can rapidly become viral on social media, resulting in a surge of visitors to your website. When it comes to producing viral quizzes, Buzzfeed is undoubtedly the finest example.

Formidable Forms, for example, may be used to construct a quiz. It’s a simple application that allows you to add stunning quizzes to your website, spread them virally, and improve traffic.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a quiz in WordPress.

20. Use Your Existing Content For Social Media Repurposing

Coming up with new subject ideas is one of the challenges that many content providers confront. But what if we told you there’s a way to attract traffic to your website by repurposing current content?

Take a peek at MonsterInsights’ top post/page report to get started. Simply go to Insights, then Reports, then scroll down to discover your top content under the Overview report. Then you may reuse an old piece of content for a variety of platforms.

For example, if you have a blog post on 10 vehicle cleaning techniques, you may reuse the material by making a YouTube video tutorial or short videos for Facebook and Instagram.

The instruction may then be turned into slides and shared on SlideShare. Another option is to put the material into a podcast. There are many possibilities; all you have to do is locate the correct content kind for the channel you’ll be promoting on.

Promotional Hacks: Reach a Whole New Audience

Have you developed a fantastic piece of content that you know your readers will like if only you could attract their attention?

Here are a few ideas for getting your greatest content in front of the appropriate people so you can get more visitors to your website.

21. Identify Potential Partnerships From Referral Traffic

You’ve probably heard from a lot of people that you should write guest blogs. Guest articles may help you advertise your business, gain backlinks from high-authority websites, and attract a lot of traffic.

But how can you figure out which content types create the most backlinks and traffic from guest posts?

Using the MonsterInsights plugin is an easy hack. It identifies the top traffic referral sources, so you’ll know which sites are providing you traffic and what kind of content to create and market.

Go to your MonsterInsights plugin in your WordPress dashboard to see the report. Then select Insights » Reports from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to Top 10 Referrals in the Overview reports.

Once you have this list, you can look into these and related sites to see if they accept guest posts and pitch similar themes to those that they currently link to.

Check out our comprehensive guide on guest blogging for more information.

22. Participate In Popular Forums To Increase Traffic

Participating in forums is another marketing strategy for increasing visitors. Forums are an excellent method to drive traffic to your website if you’re just starting out and don’t have many followers.

You may now join a variety of forums, but it all depends on your industry. Popular sites like Quora and Reddit offer a wide range of topics, making it easy to identify your specialty.

If you’re having trouble locating a forum for your topic, try searching for forum+[your topic] on Google. It will show you several forum results that are relevant to your topic.

Start engaging and becoming an active member once you’ve located the forums to make a profile. Then, as a response to answers in the forum, provide relevant links to attract traffic to your website.
However, remember to adhere to the forum’s rules or risk being banned.

Some forums even allow you to post your own material. You may compose an article and provide a link to your website as a source. This will not only increase traffic to your website, but it will also assist you in obtaining a backlink.

23. Participate As A Guest On A Podcast

Podcasts are a terrific way to form relationships with your audience while also building a healthy community. They may draw in visitors, aid in the development and promotion of a business, and elevate you to the status of an influencer.

The beauty of podcasts is that they can be listened to on almost any device. However, it takes time to start a podcast, attract listeners, and then manage it. A easy marketing tip for increasing traffic quickly is to appear as a guest on other people’s podcasts.

To start a podcast, the first step is to discover podcasts that your target audience might enjoy. You may locate podcasts by searching your topic on various platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Next, go to each podcast’s website and look for their email addresses. You can generally find them in the contact us part of the podcast host’s website, or you can contact them through the podcast host’s social media profile.

Then write an email to the podcast hosts and pitch them. Tell them how much you enjoyed their show and how you may participate as a guest on it in your email.

To make the email more intriguing, you might include your own experiences and anecdotes. For example, you may talk about how you increased your income by 105 percent or how you quadrupled your user engagement utilizing this easy technique.

If you don’t hear back after sending the email, you can follow up (politely).

You may start growing an audience, position yourself as an expert on a topic, and advertise your website to increase traffic by maintaining this process and participating on several podcasts.

Another advantage of participating in other podcasts is that you will be mentioned or given a free backlink in the show notes. This gives a positive signal to search engines, which raises your position.

24. Using Push Notifications, You May Instantly Attract Visitors

Push notifications are clickable messages that appear on the desktop or mobile device of your users. They’re a fantastic way to get rapid traffic to your website.

When people aren’t viewing your website, these warnings display. You don’t even need them to turn on their computers. It immediately informs customers about a new blog post or a fantastic bargain on your website.

Because visitors must consent to get push notifications, this indicates that they are interested in your website and what you have to offer. As a result, there’s a good probability they’ll respond to your push alerts.

PushEngage is one of numerous solutions that can be used to send push notifications. To discover how to add push notifications to your WordPress site, follow this straightforward step-by-step instruction.

25. Promote New Content With An Email Campaign

Email marketing is a powerful tool to have in your toolbox if you want to improve website traffic. Emails allow you to communicate with your target audience. You may keep them up to know on new products, releases, changes, and anything you’ve produced.

Sending emails to your subscribers is a good place to start. These are persons who have chosen to receive marketing communications or have agreed to do so. As a result, you have a greater chance of attracting visitors and achieving a high open rate.

To execute an email campaign, you may utilize a variety of email marketing tools. However, we recommend that you utilize Constant Contact. It’s an easy-to-use application that lets you generate and send beautiful emails in mass using its drag-and-drop builder.

You may learn how to utilize Constant Contact and start an email campaign by following our simple instructions.

26. Count The Number Of Times Your Posts Have Been Shared On Social Media

Displaying share numbers of your content is another marketing technique for demonstrating social proof and increasing traffic. It aids in the development of credibility and the demonstration of the popularity of your writings.

Social share counts display the number of times your material has been shared on social media and include social links for various sites.

It also encourages people to share your article on social media, which increases traffic and followers.

A WordPress plugin called Share Counts is a simple way to display social icons and count them. It’s simple to use and integrate into your website. You may also choose how you wish to display social share buttons thanks to its extensive customization options.

27. Create Facebook Videos To Increase Engagement

Facebook is the most popular social media network, with 8 billion daily video views. This demonstrates that if you want to advertise your business or website on Facebook, you should make a video. To increase interaction, you may make short videos using any device or program and submit them to your page.

Facebook also claims that consumers spend three times as much time watching live videos as they do regular videos. Live videos are much easier to manage since you can start a live broadcast from anywhere using your smartphone or laptop.

Remember to include a call to action in your Facebook videos to drive traffic to your website. In the description, you include a link to your website and encourage people to click on it for more information.

28. Use Your Relevant Content To Respond To Questions On Facebook

The effectiveness of your content promotion on Facebook is mostly determined by the number of comments you receive. It’s an important aspect of their algorithm. And the more comments you get, the more exposure you’ll get.

Asking questions in your responses is an excellent strategy to get more comments. You may also add links to relevant and valuable guides to user’s inquiries to divert traffic from comments to your website.

If a person comments on a Facebook post about WordPress, for example, you may respond to their question and follow up with a question, such as which is your favorite WordPress theme? If one of your followers asks where they can obtain free themes, you might suggest one of your tutorials as a solution.

As a result, there will be more users participating in the conversation. As a consequence, your Facebook post will receive more attention, and you will be able to increase traffic to your website.

29. For Facebook Ads, Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

If your Facebook advertisements aren’t generating enough engagement or converting visitors, look at what your rivals are doing.

Go to your competitor’s Facebook page to learn more about their advertisements. The Page Transparency box may be found on the right side. To enlarge the box, click See All.

Then, under Go to Ad Library, click to see the ads that your competition is running.

All of the advertisements will be listed on Facebook, and you may filter them by language, platform, media type, and impressions by date using the funnel on the right. You may then utilize this data to develop your own advertisements to increase traffic, conversions, and engagement.

30. Within the First 24 Hours, Promote Content On YouTube

YouTube is the most popular social media network after Facebook. As of July 2019, YouTube had approximately 2 billion active users. The figures demonstrate the value of establishing a YouTube account for your company.

That being said, the first 24 hours of your video’s life are crucial. When you post a video to YouTube, it is immediately ranked. However, if you want to keep it at the top, you’ll need immediate involvement, such as views, comments, and likes.

To do so, begin promoting your film as soon as it is available. To advertise your video, send an email blast to your subscribers, set up a push notification, post it on various social media sites, and employ automated messaging bots.

31. Request That Influencers Create And Share A Testimonial

You’re losing out on influencer marketing if you haven’t tried it yet. Influencers may help your website get off the ground and increase traffic.

Include testimonials from influencers on your site and encourage them to share it with their audience as a wonderful marketing trick.

Look for influencers in your market that people trust and follow to gain testimonies. You may find influencers in your niche by searching on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Then look at each influencer’s amount of followers and recent activity.

After you’ve identified the suitable influencers, offer them the opportunity to try your items for free in exchange for a testimonial.

These testimonials may then be added to your website, and you can invite them to share the page on their social media profiles.

Within minutes, a single tweet from an influencer with a link to your website can bring in thousands of visits.

32. Look For Threads On The First Page Of Quora And Respond

As we previously stated, forums may be a very effective technique to drive visitors to your website.

A easy marketing technique for fine-tuning your forum-finding abilities is to look for Quora threads or questions that score in the top 10 Google results.

These topics are likely to receive a lot of traffic because they are on the first page. And if you include a link to your website in your answer, you may get a lot of traffic.

But keep in mind that finding these queries will necessitate the use of an SEO tool. We’ll be utilizing Ahrefs for this presentation.

The first step is to go to Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and type in the URL, then click search.

Then, on the left-hand side menu, select Organic keywords.

After that, you’ll be given a list of keywords to work with. To order them from ascending to descending, click on Position (to find pages that are on the first page).

You may also use keywords to narrow down themes and select a Quora question that is relevant to your industry.

After you’ve identified the most frequently asked questions, all you have to do now is create an answer and include a link to your website to increase traffic.

That’s all there is to it! You now know how to get people to visit your website.

You can create a lot of traffic, convert it into leads, and establish a strong brand presence in the market by using these marketing tricks.

We hope you enjoyed our post on traffic-increasing marketing tactics.

Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for more Google Analytics advice.

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