5 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness

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Increase Brand Awareness – Do you ever feel that you have a fantastic product or service, but no matter how much effort you put into marketing and promotion, many potential clients are unaware of your company or what you have to offer?

Consider brand awareness to be your company’s name recognition. Because of the high level of brand recognition that Lululemon has created over the years, even if you have never purchased yoga pants from them, you are likely to know they offer yoga pants.

If you want to raise brand recognition for your company, you should focus your branding, advertising, and marketing efforts on repeatedly putting your name, logo, colors, typefaces, and visual identity in front of potential consumers until they identify it.

SyteDigital can assist you in creating a memorable brand strategy and visual brand (packaging, logo design, colors, fonts, website, etc.) that will attract new consumers and increase brand recognition.

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Here are five effective techniques to raise your company’s brand awareness/recognition.


1. Partner With Influencers

Consider what other individuals or businesses your target market might follow on social media, and then reach out to those influencers to see if they’d be ready to promote your brand — either for a fee or in return for a free product.

While some influencers are well-known on a global scale, the people you work with don’t have to be big names.

You never know unless you inquire whether a local spa would be prepared to publish a photo of your handmade relaxing candles in return for a discount voucher for their guests. Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to put your imagination to work and figure out who would be an excellent brand ambassador for your product.

Knowing your brand’s features is the simplest approach to determining which relationships would be most beneficial to your company. Find out more about SyteDigital’s branding services, which include determining your brand’s qualities, target demographics, customer journey, competitive research, and more.

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2. Be Consistent With Your Social Media Posting

Entrepreneurs may find social media annoying at times, especially if it does not appear to lead to sales. It’s crucial to keep in mind that clients typically need to visit your firm seven times before making a purchase.

Consider how the average person shops: a friend recommends a product or service, we forget about it, we hear about it again through advertising or word of mouth, we ultimately investigate the brand but don’t buy… and then we buy.

There is a time lag between when we learn about a business and when we buy, and you can keep potential customers engaged by connecting with them on social media throughout that time.

Continue to publish on social media while keeping your aim in mind, even if you haven’t noticed any results yet. If you make a few posts and then decide that social media isn’t for you, you’re missing out on a chance to establish long-term brand exposure. Check out our Ideal Client Blueprint: Material Creation for additional information on how to generate content that connects with your ideal client.


3. Create Content

Rather of informing potential consumers that your company can assist them, provide material such as blog posts, videos, and e-books to demonstrate that your company understands their problems and can solve them.

It’s lot simpler to persuade someone to buy something after they’ve heard about it a few times. Even if consumers don’t buy from your company right away after reading your blogs and viewing your videos, the more useful material you provide, the more likely your future buyers will identify your brand as an industry authority.

Continue to create material that actually benefits your target, and share it on platforms where your target frequents, and over time, more and more people will get interested and familiar with your company’s mission and values.

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4. Give Away Free Stuff

While internet marketing is crucial, printed materials and swag are still a great way to get your brand and business name in front of potential clients.

Your company’s logo and branding may be printed on almost any consumer product, including magnets, pencils, sticky notes, water bottles, bottle openers, and keychains… thermometers, glasses, mints, lip balm, and a variety of other items The possibilities are literally limitless.

Before buying any printed promotional materials, think about what kinds of things your target clients would find most appealing and useful.

The more they use these branded products, the more their friends and family will become aware of your brand and logo, and you’ll be able to generate a ripple effect of interest and brand recognition from there – so it’s critical to provide them free items they’ll truly use.

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5. Collaborate With Brands That Have A Similar Target

If you come across a firm that sells different products or services then you do but serves to the same target market, you may increase brand recognition by forming a partnership with them and cross-promoting their offerings.

Offering unique discount coupons, establishing a combined product or gift package, or co-sponsoring an in-person event are all examples of cross-promotion ideas between two firms.

When considering how to raise brand recognition and which brands to approach for possible collaborations, it’s great if your companies are similar in size and provide complementary products or services.

Essential oil companies collaborating with massage therapists, pillow and mattress companies collaborating with sleep tracking apps, meditation cushion manufacturers partnering with retreat centers, and so on — the synergy between the two brands should feel natural to your customers and like the two offerings clearly go together.

Brand recognition takes time to develop as more people see your content, connect with your company, buy from you, have a positive experience, and recommend their friends. You may position your brand for future income, name recognition, and success by following the steps outlined above.

SyteDigital is a branding firm that specializes in assisting health and wellness companies with brand strategy and memorable design. We give brand strategy and designs that create an outstanding experience for your customers, from graphic designs to marketing materials to product packaging and competitive analyses.


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