What is Cross-Promotion: Ideas and Examples

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Learn about the advantages of cross-promotion for your business and get some suggestions.

Cross-promotion is a series of activities aimed at promoting items from different companies to consumers who are comparable but not competitors. It aids in the promotion of products and services, the generation of leads, the increase of sales, and the establishment of brand awareness/recognition.


Why Should You Use Cross-Promotion?

In banner advertisements on websites, posts on social media, mentions in articles and videos, recommendations in email newsletters, and other places, one brand may promote the goods or services of another brand. You’ve undoubtedly wondered why businesses do this.

Brands with similar interests and audiences that aren’t competitors can work together for mutual gain. According to Partnerize’s data, 54 percent of businesses say partnerships account for more than 20% of overall income.

Cross-promotion is a cost-effective and efficient method of product promotion. Cross-promotion grew in popularity during the financial crisis since it is rapid and effective. When done correctly, a collaboration may help you quadruple your audience. Companies share expertise and ideas, offer advise, and mention each other in articles on their websites, social media pages, and emails as part of this partnership, all while improving their promotional campaigns.


So, now let’s highlight the main benefits of cross-promotion:

Companies must pick channels that their target demographic prefers in order to cross-promote. The most profit, engagement, or achievement of a certain objective will come via the correct channels. Different channels are appropriate for various reasons.

Referrals, email campaigns, guest blogging, mentions in publications, and social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all good ways to generate traffic to your website. If you want to increase sales, you may use blogs, mobile applications, conferences, webinars, and social media platforms like as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We advocate using podcasts, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, guest blogging, webinars, conferences, and other methods to raise brand recognition. Organic content, email marketing, and social media, according to Databox, are the most successful avenues for reaching your target audience.


How To Get Started With Cross Promotion
  1. Set Goals
  2. Choose The Right Partner
  3. Select Channels

If you want to reap the benefits of cross-promotion in your business, you’ll need to take a few steps. Consider them to be successful.


1. Set Goals

It is vital to clarify your goals when considering cross-promotion. Determine what you want to accomplish: growing your product’s market reach, establishing a favorable image, or raising sales. It will also assist you in properly laying out the activities you’ll need to execute in order to meet your objectives, as well as determining which key performance indicators (KPIs) you should track.

2. Choose The Right Partner

In principle, it’s all really straightforward, but there are a lot of things to consider when selecting a cross-promotion partner. Choose a firm that is appropriate and trustworthy to help you reach your objectives. To begin, think about brands that aren’t in direct competition with you. When products or services are complimentary, the most effective collaborations occur.

Spotify and Uber, for example, collaborated to raise visibility, boost recognition, and broaden the audience. Users with Spotify Premium might listen to the music from the playlist in their Uber driver’s car thanks to this cooperation. As a consequence, Uber customers were keen to pay for Spotify Premium subscriptions, while Spotify fans were eager to book Uber rides.

Second, keep in mind that cross-promotion may help you create leads, extend your target audience, and, as a consequence, increase sales and brand exposure. As a result, you must ensure that the things you and your partner are marketing are of high quality and will benefit your target market. Customer satisfaction is one of the prerequisites for successful cross-promotion.

If you’re going to collaborate with a brand, be sure it matches your values and sends out the same marketing message. Furthermore, bear in mind that the reputation and professionalism of the organization that has chosen to work with you are critical. Endorsing their products or services is the same as promoting them. This shows that you stand behind the quality of their products, suggest this brand to your consumers, and believe it is a trustworthy firm.

3. Select Channels

Choosing a platform that works for you is one of the keys to being well-known online. A blog can assist give advice, instructions, or a guide, whereas YouTube may be more beneficial for video advertising. As a result, it’s up to you to select which channel is appropriate for attaining specific objectives. All you have to do now is figure out what works best for your particular items.

Guest blogs, mentions, and links in articles, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, referral programs, webinars and conferences, podcasts, and more may all be used to cross-promote. Consider using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use Instagram Stories and IGTV, Facebook advertisements, giveaways, live videos, tags, and hashtags, among other social media techniques.

Because email marketing is the third most common distribution method, you should consider it as well. According to statistics, 87 percent of marketers utilize this sort of marketing to advertise their businesses. Furthermore, among other cross-promotion channels, emails have some of the best ROI. SendPulse is a free email solution for small businesses that doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

To summarize, when considering collaboration, identify a reputable partner, specify your goals, and determine which channels are best for achieving them. These are the factors that will shape your brand and help you achieve success. Following that, we’ll recommend a few cross-promotional possibilities.

Cross Promotion Ideas
  • Influencer Posts
  • Promotional Videos
  • Giveaways And Contests
  • Guests On Podcasts
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinars

Collaboration with a brand may take several forms. Your partnership will be mutually beneficial if it is properly implemented. Let’s have a look at the most prevalent tactics.

Influencer Posts

An influencer is a person who, because of their power, has an impact on people’s purchasing decisions. Opinion leaders, according to research, are effective in driving sales. According to studies, 58 percent of individuals purchase a product based on a recommendation from an influencer. As a result, think about forming a partnership to boost your sales and brand exposure. This personality may promote your goods by writing a blog post or making a video and posting it on social media.

Here’s an example of La’mariette and Selena Gomez cross-promotion. La’mariette is a swimsuit line that promotes the belief that all bodies are attractive.

They teamed with Selena Gomez, a musician and influencer with 195 million Instagram followers, for one of their latest promotions. Selena Gomez shared a photo of herself wearing one of La’mariette’s bikinis on Instagram. She debuted the brand with this post. She also included a link to La’mariette’s Instagram account and tagged her. Selena’s photo was then put on the brand’s website.

Promotional Videos

Creating videos for your target audience is sometimes a part of cross-promotion strategies. Both firms’ benefits are highlighted in the video, which also exhibits the product from all aspects.

An example of such a promotion from Adidas and IVY PARK may be seen here. They leverage familiar elements of these companies to draw the viewer’s attention. These are white stripes and shoes that are different from other brands in the case of Adidas. At the same time, you can see IVY PARK clothing and accessories, as well as frames with the company’s insignia, in this film.

Giveaways And Contests

Giveaways and contests are highly engaging kinds of interactive content. Furthermore, freebies and competitions are inexpensive and may quickly expand your following. An Instagram contest or giveaway, according to Tailwindapp, may help you get 70 percent more followers in three months. Furthermore, contests convert at a rate of 34%.

You may exhibit your items, create leads, increase the activity of your followers, and show that you care and respect them by including freebies. Contests and freebies, on the other hand, allow you to leave a lasting impression, generate loyalty, increase sales, and create memories.

To organize a contest, you must first determine a giveaway objective, then choose a decent prize, specify the rules for your competition, advertise your giveaway, and then choose the winner. Companies frequently hold giveaways while introducing new items or when existing products aren’t selling well.

On Instagram, you can witness Fabletics and Bliss’ partnership for their giveaway. They raised their Instagram likes, comments, and subscribers as a result of this.

Guests On Podcasts

Approximately 155 million people listen to podcasts at least once a month, according to Medium. As a result, it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to grow your business. To attract new leads, an authoritative individual may promote your brand by talking about it and sharing your beliefs.

On the Tim Ferriss Show, Blake Mycoskie, the inventor of TOMS, is one of the best examples. This show is the most popular on Apple Podcasts, and it provided Blake the opportunity to discuss TOMS and Madefor. As a result, his company’s equity has increased.

In response, Mycoskie informed his Instagram followers about the show. As a result of Blake’s followers listening to the podcast, Tim Ferris’ audience grew, and the show’s popularity grew as a result of Mycoskie’s post.

A post from Tim Ferriss’ Instagram feed may be seen here. It tells them about the new Blake podcast episode.

Email Marketing

Use email to establish a relationship with customers and offer them with useful information. You may use this channel to nurture leads, promote partner firms, notify subscribers about forthcoming campaigns and specials, invite them to events, and make targeted offers. According to McKinsey & Company, email is one of the most successful ways to gain consumers.

You may build an email newsletter with our service without knowing any coding or having any technological expertise. Ready-made email templates, personalisation, segmentation, and other capabilities are available.

An example of a SendPulse email template is shown below. You can see the essential pieces on the left, which we drag to the working field, and we design them o

n the right.


Traditional events can be replaced with a variety of options for cross-promotion. Consider online events such as webinars as a possibility. A webinar is an online event organized by one or more businesses to deliver information, provide value, or market products or services to a specific audience.

Here’s an example of Wistia and Mention working together. As you can see, the main purpose is to teach viewers how to use videos to increase their social media efforts. Companies discuss five sorts of effective videos throughout the webinar.


Examples of Cross-Promotion

The collaboration between these two businesses yielded remarkable outcomes. Adidas and IVY PARK are a great match since Adidas specializes on selling footwear while IVY PARK promotes clothing.

As a brand ambassador and influencer, Beyonce influences buying decisions and raises brand awareness among her social media following. She promotes products in a variety of methods.

On Beyonce’s Instagram account, you can see an example of cross-promotion. She tagged IVY PARK and Adidas in a photo where she was wearing IVY PARK and Adidas sneakers.

On Adidas’ website, here’s an example of a campaign. Beyonce may be seen wearing IVY PARK and Adidas items, indicating that she endorses these businesses as an influencer..

Apple Watch Nike

Nike and Apple collaborated to create a new product for its customers. They collaborated to produce the Nike Apple Watch. This watch, coupled with the Nike Run Club app, will be a terrific match for runners, according to these partner firms.

Customers may discover this product on Apple’s website among a variety of timepieces.

This international firm highlights the new product on its website while also promoting Nike by highlighting the Nike Run Club app and Nike Twilight Mode, both of which are features of this new watch. This business also lets customers to personalize their look by pairing any Nike case with any Nike band. Apple’s website has a lot of images that show how the device works.

Whirlpool And Swash

Swash is a laundry detergent that will keep your clothing and valuables clean. Whirlpool is a worldwide household appliance company that makes washing machines, among other things. Collaboration between these companies is a step toward success since their brands are complimentary.

So, here’s an example of Swash marketing a washing machine manufacturer by uploading a photo with the Whirlpool brand visible to buyers.

Whirlpool, on the other hand, promotes Swash by featuring it on its website and offering a discount on the first bottle of this laundry detergent. Furthermore, the home appliance company encourages using a promo code to claim the discount.

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