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SyteDigital - Terms & Conditions (T's & C's)

Introduction To Our T's & C's!

Hosting and Development:

  • As long as the client hosts with SyteDigital, we will utilize our pro license (builder) for shop developments and normal web development (when applicable). This includes both the development process and the ongoing hosting services, unless the client explicitly opts for hosting elsewhere.
  • If the client decides to move to a new hosting or development company, our pro licenses will no longer apply. It becomes the responsibility of the new hosting/development company to acquire new licenses or rebuild the site using their own resources.
  • SyteDigital will not be held responsible for maintaining pro licenses on the website once the client is no longer hosting with us/SyteDigital.


  • Payments are non-refundable once the website is finalized and the final payment has been made.
  • By making the final payment, the client acknowledges their satisfaction with the website and deems it in proper order. Any subsequent changes requested after the completion of the website will incur additional hourly fees of R644 per hour unless otherwise specified.

Intellectual Property:

  • Upon receipt of the final payment, all intellectual property rights associated with the website, including design, code, and content, will be transferred to the client in the form of a zip file named “” This transfer occurs only in the event that the client chooses to move to a different hosting or development company.
  • The “” file will include all necessary files and data required for the client to host and maintain the website independently. The client, or any new web development/hosting company, will be solely responsible for the compliance with and management of licenses for third-party software or tools used in the development.
  • The client understands and acknowledges that any third-party materials used in the development of the website are subject to their respective licenses. It is the responsibility of the client, or any new web development/hosting company, to ensure compliance with these licenses.
  • SyteDigital will not be held responsible for maintaining or ensuring compliance with paid licenses for third-party materials after the client has left the company or canceled their services with SyteDigital.
  • The client, or any new web development/hosting company, assumes full responsibility for the acquisition and adherence to the necessary licenses for continued use of third-party components.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • The client agrees to provide all necessary information, materials, and cooperation required for the timely completion of the website.
  • Any delays caused by the client, including but not limited to the provision of content, feedback, or approvals, may result in an extension of the project timeline, and additional charges may apply.
  • We reserve the right to suspend or terminate hosting services if the client fails to adhere to these terms and conditions or violates any applicable laws.